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September 2018 Bullet Journal

September 2018 Bullet Journal


Hello friends, long time no talk, huh? I gotta say, creative block has been kicking my butt this year. I have been very unmotivated and feel like my creativity is totally gone. It's scary to admit it, even though I know that every creative goes through this and it's part of the cycle - after all, no one can be creative 24/7. But you kind of can't help but feel like it's some sort of personal failure, you know? I don't know how long this feeling will last, but I have been trying to make the effort to bring creativity back. Though it's true that trying to force creativity probably won't work, avoiding getting back on the horse won't help either! 

That brings me to the purpose of this post (yeah there is a point, i'm not just here to whine about creative block haha). I have been really into bullet journals lately (I actually tried bullet journaling before, but kind of off and on) and in August I decided to set one up (and actually maintain) to plan my days, write out my creative goals, keep track of my life basically, and as a creative project in and of itself. It's really helping me plan out and make time to be creative, since it's basically a completely personalized planner. It's also a fun creative project for me to work on every single month - two birds with one stone! So, I thought I would share my set up with you and how I decorated this month's spread. Maybe you too will be inspired to try bullet journaling!


Monthly Overview

I always start off my spread with a monthly calendar and a habit tracker page. For September, I had in mind the transition between Summer and Autumn for my theme, and created different doodles using warm tones to represent that. I also used these adorable girl stickers (paper doll set and forest sweet set) all throughout this month's spread, which complement my drawings nicely I think!


Monthly Calendar

Here's a close up shot of the monthly calendar. I drew some cute little doodles that remind me of the season and that kind of vibe, like sunflowers, cacti, leaves, a string of Polaroids, a warm cup of coffee (though I don't actually drink coffee...), and a cute little house with its chimney puffing away. Then I filled in the calendar with my work schedule, holidays, etc. I also like to make note of music release dates of artists that I enjoy (in other words, K-pop artists ).


Habit Tracker

Now for a detailed view of the habit tracker page. I LOVE this page because you can write down anything you want to do more of or just want to note how often you do something, and then track your progress for the month. They're like mini goals for each month. Some examples of mine are drawing, watering the plants, studying Korean (because it's my dream country to travel to one day), and even washing my hair (am I the only one who often wonders when was the last time I washed my hair? No, just me? Okay then 😅)!


Weekly Spread

Of course, no planner is complete without a weekly spread for the day to day to do lists. I separated the pages into boxes for each day of the week and played around with my lettering for each day's heading. Other than that though, I left these minimal so that I can decorate them throughout the week and add things that might fit in with that day's plan. 


Monthly Review

The last two pages are some new pages that I decided to try out because I think they will be very useful. The first is a monthly review page. I wanted to have a page where I can review my progress, help me decide what to focus on in the next month, and also just to record things that happened or that I was loving that month - a form of memory keeping in a way. First, I wrote down my monthly goals. Since I have been in such a creative rut, I came up with three realistic goals to get back into the creative groove: complete five drawings this month, publish two blog posts, and share something on Instagram twice a week. The notes section will be a space for reflection to fill in at the end of the month. So I could write down whether I met my goals, if not, what can I work on to do better next month, etc. For the fun parts, I included a section to note what books I read this month and a playlist section to note what songs I was loving this month. I really love how this page turned out!

Monthly Expense Tracker

The last page of my monthly spread is a monthly expense tracker page. I use the online tool Mint to keep track of my spending because you can see how much you spend, set budgets, and even see trends on what kind of things you are spending money on. However, I feel like I don't really realize how much I am actually spending unless I physically write it down. Because if you have to write it down every time you make a purchase, you will quickly realize how much money you're spending and how often! I find that using both methods together has been very helpful!

And that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing a peek at how I set up my bullet journal. I feel like I started this post off kind of negative and then became more upbeat as it went on, so sorry about that haha. I still haven't shaken off my creative slump, but I am hoping that this is a step in the right direction at least.

What methods do you use to overcome a creative block? Let me know in a comment below!

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